Robert Maddox-Harle (aka Rob Harle)
Born: Sydney, Australia 1948
Residence: Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia.

BA (Hons) Deakin University 1999-2000
BA Deakin University 1992-1998
Diploma Psychotherapy A.C.A.P. 1990-1991
Poetry Certificate Course A.W.W.A. 1984
Professional Writer's Course A.W.P.S. 1978
Diploma Architecture I.C.S. 1973-1976
Drawing Course TAFE 1970
Electrical Trades Course TAFE 1966-1968

Worked in building construction industry for three years (1966-69) before transferring to drawing office. Eleven years (1969-80) as draftsman, then architectural designer in Sydney and the Central Coast NSW, with various architects, engineers and consultants.  During this time, apart from conventional building design, carried out research into organic low-cost shelter design including geodesic domes and free-form ferro-cement structures.
Sculpting, drawing and studying art part-time, with the guidance of various professionals, since 1963. After exploring numerous materials and sculpting processes, a preference for spontaneous expression through "direct carving" in stone, clay and wood evolved, along with pencil and charcoal drawing.
Full-time intensive sculpture for ten years (1981-91). Completed works from this period were in wood, sandstone, terracotta and marble and varied in scale from small table pieces to large public commissions.
Member of Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society for 14 years (1965-79) involved in informal study of Eastern religions and mysticism.
Writing: Poetry, articles & experimental fiction since 1965 (see Publications).
Studied Religious Philosophy and Philosophy of Knowledge for six years (1992-1998).
Researching and writing Honours thesis (1999-2000).
Started PhD with University of Queensland forced to withdraw after near fatal accident (2001)
Experimenting with digital images, writing poetry and academic papers (2002-2013)
Ongoing book and documentary film review work for Leonardo(ISAST) 
Advisory editor for a number of International Literary Journals


Setu Award for Excellence 2017
Attestato Di Merito "Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano"  2017 Immagine & Poesia
Guest of Honour launch of New Outlook, magazine of Kirori Mal College,
University of Delhi 2017, also Interview of me by Dr Sanjay Verma.
Overseas Award For Excellence in Arts, Authorspress, Delhi, India 2013
Membership of the Golden Key National Honour Society
(invitation on Academic merit only) 1997.
Selected with one other from the Arts Faculty for consideration
for Vice Chancellor’s Prize 1997. Essay: "Kant & Aquinas".

First Prize - Sculpture. Wyong Art Festival, 1988.

T.D.A. Magazines.
Sculpture Guild Newsletters.
Craft Arts Magazine.
Club News.
Numerous newspapers articles ... 1983 - 2015
Children of the Dream, Photo Documentary
Architecture Show Journal
Corporate and Office Design Journal
Who's Who of Australian Visual Artists
The Celluloid Cyborg: A Course in Technotheory & Cyberpunk Winter 2007 University of Saskatchewan
Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences. vol.14 no.1,2,3,4 2010 Journal of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences. Marquette University WI.
SCTPLS Blog Dynamics of Civilizations June 2010
SCTPLS Newsletter January 2011
The Future of Art in a Postdigital Age  M. Alexenberg Intellect Publishers, UK. 2011

Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities vol. 3 no. 1 2011
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities vol. 3 no. 2 2011

Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities vol. 5 no. 2 2013
Virtual Minimalism 2012. Virtual World Book Second Life Exhibition Catalogue
Taj Mahal Review  (June 2014 & Dec 2014) then each issue.
Harvest of the New Millenium Art & Poetry. 2015 & each issue.
Art of Being Human (vol. 9 - 14 -15)


Please see Publications List Page This Website
Intensive one day sculpture workshops (weekly) during 1991.

1987 Dr D. Walker & C. Anderton "Aquarian Dream", sandstone.
1988 Czechoslovakian Government "Mother and Child", rosewood/beech/sandstone.
1987/88 Rich River Club "Locking Piece 3", marble 3.7m high.
1989 Fine Edge "Standing Figure", huon pine.
1989 Avoca Art Gallery "Moon God", sandstone 2.4m high.
1989 Nimbin Organics "The Couple", tallowwood 1.7m high.
1991 Daystar Rudolf Steiner School "Goanna Dreaming", camphor laurel 1.5m high.
1993 Daystar Rudolf Steiner School "Sound of Silence", sandstone 1.5m high.
1992 Dr A. McCardell "Phallus Erectus" sandstone .85m high.
2002-08 Various web site developments & graphic art projects.
2009 (Invited to be Artist of the Year 2010) Major essay together with 8 original digital
artworks for
Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences. Journal of the Society for
Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences

Work held in numerous private collections.

Avalon Arts Factory 1974
Wyong Arts Festival 1983 to '89
Pink Pelican Gallery 1983/84
Mudworks Exhibition 1984
Dolphin Theatre Art Show 1985
Sculpture Guild of NSW 1985 (One of Four)
Sculpture Guild of NSW 1985 (Open Day Show)
Gosford Festival Of The Waters 1985
Balmain Art Gallery 1985/86
Gallery 460 Gosford 1986/87
Vivian Art Gallery Sydney 1985/88
Imperial Centre Bicentennial Exhibitions 1988
Art Of Arts Gallery 1989
Australian Art Link 1987/92
Denison Sculpture Studio Sydney 1989/90
Nimbin Rocks Gallery 1989/92
Bond University Exhibition 1991
Rainbow Power Company 1992
Avoca Art Gallery 1989/92
Barefoot Sculptor's Exhibition Nimbin 1993
Barefoot Artist's Exhibition Nimbin 1993
Art and Soul Gallery The Channon 1994
Old Chocolate Factory Lismore 1995
Spring Arts Festival Nimbin 1995/13 ... 2017
Autumn Arts Festival Nimbin 2002/06
Nimbin Artist's Gallery (ongoing) 2002 ... 13
Lismore Regional Gallery 2006
Autumn Arts Extravaganza Nimbin 2007 ...13 ....17
Art Aspects Gallery Lismore 2006/07

Border Art Prize Tweed Heads Gallery 2006/07/11
Fehva Exhibition/Auction Bangalow 2008/09

Amber's Sun Escape Gallery Second Life 2008 (Major solo show)
Various group and solo exhibitions in Second Life 2008/12
Tropical Fruits New Year Art Exhibition, Lismore 2011/12
Serpentine Gallery, Lismore (ongoing) 2012


My Honours degree covered: ‘Philosophy & Psychoanalysis’; ‘Sociobiology’; ‘Research Methodology’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The thesis comes under the rubric, ‘Philosophy of Mind’ and is specifically concerned with the nature of the so called Unconscious Mind and generally concerned with the role of reason in works of art and literature. The research covered: Psychoanalysis; Surrealist Poetry; neurophysiological functions of the brain and Artificial Intelligence.

Abstract of Honours Thesis:
This thesis investigates the nature of the Freudian Unconscious and its relationship with Surrealist poetry.  The findings of recent neurophysiological research and dream-sleep experiments suggest that such an Unconscious is a myth.  The concept of nonconscious mental states, which are controlled by precise ratios of the brain's chemicals, as opposed to a dynamic, autonomous Freudian Unconscious is explored.  Analysis of the surrealist project itself, and a comparison of surrealist poetry with computer generated poetry, further supports the scientific evidence.  It also shows that the surrealists' belief, that they could circumvent the control of logical reasoning in their literary and artistic creations, was misguided.  It was not the purpose of this thesis to provide irrefutable evidence as to the non-existence of the Freudian Unconscious but to establish sufficient doubt to justify further detailed research.

My Bachelor of Arts degree consisted of a Major in Religious Studies, with closely associated units in Philosophy of Knowledge (History of Ideas, Social/Cultural and Scientific construction of knowledge). Together with a minor in the way Myth & Ideology is expressed through the media, literature and art.

Philosophy of Mind - particularly consciousness and embodied self-awareness.
Technology - especially computers, AI,  human techno-augmentation, Cyborgs and their cultural/spiritual significance.
Contemporary Poetry and Medieval Alchemy Poetry.

Member of the Leonardo Book Review Panel (Leonardo, International Journal of ISAST).
Working on my next volume of poetry, "The Blazing Furnace". 
Member of numerous Editorial Boards for Literary Journals globally.



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